Selling Out

by Zen DiPietro

Cabot Layne is a trader, through and through. Some might call him a pirate, but he never breaks the law. He only bends it. One thing’s for sure–he’s certainly not the hero type. But for some reason a certain BlackOps officer seems to think he is, and sends him off on a mission only a trader can pull off. He’ll still need some help, in the form of his long-time best friend and his best friend’s sister–who just happens to be Cabot’s ex-wife. They didn’t exactly part on good terms, and Nagali is the kind of girl who brings in a tank when a simple knife would be sufficient.

Half the job is going to be keeping her from doing something terrible.

The only thing more terrifying than Nagali at her worst is Nagali trying to do something good.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure