by Eden Wolfe

The Fall of Man. The Rise of Women.
Can Aria win against the new order’s turn to tyranny?
Four hundred years after the Final war, eighteen-year-old Aria is poised to claim her birthright – the throne of Lower Earth.
It’s one of the last pieces of habitable continent left. Men are dying off from the after-effects of the war and women are genetically altered to survived.

But Aria’s blood is more advanced than any of them; she was designed from the genetic sequence of the settler queens.

Queen Maeva, Aria’s pseudo-mother, crushes all opposition. She has no fear of blood on her hands. And she’s not afraid to do the same to Aria.

Aria has spent her lifetime preparing to take over the throne, but can she survive her mother’s wrath to lead Lower Earth back to prosperity?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian