Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge

by Jonah Rosestone

Baudwin is a water Faery who is two hundred years old – still quite young mind you. For his entire life he has wondered where his mother vanished, after a time of great travail and upheaval in his realm. This burden has been quite heavy, as without her, he was never joined to his current so he could live as he should – at one with the Water. Ever ready to lift his grandson’s spirits, his grandfather, Seamus, encourages him to find the Water – or to have the Water come to him – a ridiculous prospect for a water Faery not joined to his current. After decades of trials, the Water finally does come to Baudwin – defying all expectations. The Water then leads him down an unexpected path that unfolds into an epic adventure with myriad discoveries filled with elven inventions, ancient wonders, and a being who seeks to shape his destiny through the most compassionate and terrifying means possible

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales