Secrets of Green & Gold

by Jo Holloway

She’s supposed to save an immortal race … but she doesn’t know they exist.
The list of weird things about Cara is already too long, so adding “hears voices” to it is the last thing she needs.
Too bad for her, the voice in her head is insistent. Cara’s actually supposed to believe there’s a hidden race living among us – immortal creatures called Pyx – and only she can help save them? No thanks.
It doesn’t matter if the voice says they’re being hunted, because special abilities are things in books, not in her real life.
Except it would explain why she sees things no one else does, and why animals act strangely around her, oh, and the unique gold of her eyes. It might even explain the two guys who keep turning up everywhere she goes.
When those same guys show up at her new school, and another Pyx vanishes, she’s left with one question…
What if it’s real?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age