Secrets & Spells

by Janny Wurts, C. Greenwood, Krista D. Ball; K.L. Bone, Jane Glatt, Sarah Ashwood

Secrets: ancient prophecies; lost legacies; and forbidden trysts.

Spells: enchanted weapons; powerful bloodlines; and unlikely apprentices.

Discover mysteries and magic in this bundle of epic fantasy novels! Dive into these fantastic realms of richly drawn characters and become lost in engrossing stories of friendship, adversity, and love.

Introducing a brand-new novella, The Gallant, by best-selling author Janny Wurts, prequel to her series Wars of Light and Shadow.

This epic read by USA Today and International best-selling authors also contains:
•THE GALLANT (Wars of Light & Shadow prequel) – by Janny Wurts
•MAGIC OF THIEVES – by C. Greenwood
•UNGUILDED – by Jane Glatt
•BLACK ROSE – by K. L. Bone
•THE DEMONS WE SEE — Krista D. Ball

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Category: Fantasy – Epic