Seberian The Hidden Battle Revealed

by JR Dahl

An Ancient Evil is stirring in the Darkness of Space.

An enormous army of mysterious supernatural Leviathan is marching across the galaxies taking entire planets captive.

Lonan fears that there is no hope and that his home will be next. In order to protect his family and people from this evil empire he sets out to find answers.
What he finds is that his people are stuck in the middle of an ancient hidden battle between warrior angles and demons.

Buy a copy today and follow Lonan on his journey as the hidden battle is revealed.

What are people saying about the Seberian series?

“Angels, demons and sci-fi. A great story that surprisingly brings two awesome subjects together in something that totally works.”
– Dave Chesson of

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Seberian The Great Gate

by JR Dahl

War rages in the spirit realm.

What can Lonan do to stop a demon-powered army from taking over his home planet of Helion?

The evil Nemaron Empire is taking entire planets captive, and Helion is next.

With the help of faithful angels and the Seberians, Lonan and his team have devised a plan to cut off the power source of this unstoppable Leviathan army. But will it work?

The plan involves going up against the chief of all demons, Satan himself, who cares only about his plan to take over the throne of heaven. He cares not how many angels he must kill or human pawns he must destroy to achieve that goal.

If Lonan and the Seberians soldiers fail in their mission, hundreds of thousands of human lives will be lost, the Helion people will be destroyed, and the Nemaron armies will continue their reign of terror.

Previously $2.99