Searching for Shelter

by Mike Kraus, Stephanie Mylchreest, Misty Zaugg

No food. No shelter. No way out but through.

A calamitous pair of storms.

Two women on the run from their past caught in the whirlwind.

They’ll either stand and fight – or be consumed in the aftermath.


Twin hurricanes obliterate the eastern coast of the United States, bringing with them a blight that devastates America’s breadbasket.

As the nation’s food supply withers on the vine, the population turns upon itself and millions die from starvation, infighting and disease within days of the storms’ passing.

In the midst of the devastation left by the storms, two women in the Gulf Coast must fight against the dangers from their past to survive the aftermath of the storms and find a new order in a broken nation.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic