Sea of Flames

by Wendy Knight

He’s loved her since he was five years old. And he will never feel her touch.
Adara is literally fire, and Beck is ice. Even the barest hint of touch burns them both.
He loves her with everything he has. Which is why he has to let her go.
Beck and Adara were raised together at Vitolas Academy, an elite boarding school for elementals. They learned to add, subtract, read, and harness the powers flowing through them.
They learned to fight.
To become soldiers.
But never lovers. It would hurt too much.
It takes everything Beck has to keep Adara at arms’ length. She deserves a life with physical affection, and that’s a life he can’t give her. Not without a miracle.
A miracle that might come from the last source he expects–the monsters that he’s spent his whole life learning to fight.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Breath of Wind

by Wendy Knight

She was raised to be a weapon. But no one has any idea how dangerous she really is.

From the time Sonas could harness her element, she was driven to be stronger, faster, and more powerful than everyone else—at all costs.
That doesn’t change when she starts at Fysi Academy, a boarding school for elementals just like her.
Except no one there is like her.
She’s hunted by an unnamed monster with no face, and there’s no one strong enough to protect her.
She has no choice but to save herself.
Sonas has to rely on her own strength and skill to evade the thing waiting for her in the shadows, and when she falls…
The truth will come out.

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