Sea Dragon, Riders of Fire, book 6

by Eileen Mueller

“An explosive series.”

A ruthless assassin with a vendetta. A daughter she wants to murder. And vicious sea monsters prowling the deeps.

When Ithsar helps Ezaara, the Queen’s Rider of Dragons’ Realm, escape from the Robandi silent assassins, she’s charged with treason.

And sentenced to death by her own mother, Ashewar, the Chief Prophetess. Ithsar will be thrown into of the Naobian Sea, to be devoured by the fanged monsters that prowl its depths.

But Ithsar, born with deformed fingers, has been scorned and maltreated all her life. She’s secretly learned to fight back.

And Ithsar’s seen visions of her future. Visions that mean she must fight to survive—or hundreds of dragons and riders will die.

Fans of Dragonriders of Pern, Eragon, Dragon School and Brindle Dragon enjoy Riders of Fire.

Join Ithsar’s wild adventure to tame a sea dragon

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Category: Fantasy – Epic