Scream of the White Bear

by David Clement-Davies

From the author who brought you Fire Bringer, acclaimed by Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, to be “one of the greatest anthropomorphic fantasies known to [him].”

In the frozen North, the entire Ice World is under threat when Uteq, a Polar Bear cub, is born with a strange mark and the ability to know other’s deepest fears. Is he the Saviour foretold by the Warrior Storytellers, the mysterious Order of the Fellagorn, whose voices have the power to affect life itself, or a victim forced on an impossible quest into the heart of Evil itself? With a cast of unforgettable characters, and the warring themes of science and religion, David Clement-Davies creates another thrilling epic in the tradition of classics like Fire Bringer, The Sight and Fell. Indeed, this is a novel broth drawing on those stories and taking the journey beyond.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic