Scorpions of the Deep

by Amie Gibbons

The police blamed the attack on a bad acid trip. Turns out, it wasn’t a drug, and the destination is even worse…

Sarah Blakely retreats home after her world goes to hell, looking for the peaceful refuge she remembers from her teenage days. While making new friends, one snaps and attacks, leaving everyone shaken and trying to figure out what happened to send their friend over the edge.

Sarah knows there’s no such thing as magic. There are no gods or ghosts or dark evils that go bump in the night…

But there are more things on Hell and Earth than are dreamt of in her philosophy, and one of those evil things she doesn’t believe in, believes in her, and has her in its sights.

*** “Subtle and dark, urban fantasy at its best.” – Leo Champion, Author of the Legion Series ***

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban