Savage Swordsmen of the Lost Kingdom

by Seka Heartley

In a savage age of barbarous passions, a hero will arise.
Dirk Cock of the Moors has lived a hard life, but is his manly prowess enough to succeed in saving the world from Deathlier the Marauder? The Book of Sappho has been snatched by Deathlier, intent on using it to enslave all woman-kind. This madman must be stopped, and Dirk puts his hand to the job.
It’s a perilous quest, and both monsters and magic will stand in Dirk’s way. His only ally is Volumpitan, a beautiful and sensuous priestess who casts her spells as easily as Dirk wields a sword–but she too has her weaknesses.
To succeed, Dirk must plow across the waves of the inland sea, penetrate the cursed caverns of Ishtar, and thrust the shaft of his family sword into many a foe. An impossible challenge, but Dirk is no ordinary barbarian, and in such an adventure, he is sure to come out on top.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery