by Robyn Wideman

When the attacks started, Prince Astar hired an investigator to solve the crimes. When the third investigator went missing he knew he had to try something different. He decided to hire Kyra, a smart and sassy woman, who also happens to be a thief.
Kyra wants the job, it pays well and is far more interesting than sneaking around and copying people’s signatures. But she has no intention of being the fourth dead investigator, so she needs protection.
Kyra turns to the one man even mercenaries fear: Bazur, a solitary mercenary half-orc, infamous for his barroom brawls.
Together they might solve the problem of the mysterious attacks on the prince’s associates, but only if they can ignore the building chemistry between them and survive the attacks on their lives!

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by Robyn Wideman

When a business partner is suspected of stealing, the prince once again calls on Kyra. However, this time Bazur has a mission of his own, dealing with a horde of marauding trolls.
But when a simple thievery investigation turns into murder, Kyra finds herself in jail and Bazur will stop at nothing to get his beautiful partner back.

Previously $3.99