Savage Bite

by J.N. Colon

A hunter with a dark past. A mysterious shifter out for vengeance. And a stolen power every monster desires…

I finally get my shot at redemption as part of a supernatural task force only to botch my first assignment in the Underworld.

Great way to let the captain down, Tatum.

A demon artifact sinks its claws into me, and now I’m bound to a vicious shifter who wants to rip me to pieces. Fane Maverick covets the amulet more than my death, though. And he’d do anything to get it.

Wicked. Depraved. Savage.

He’s promised to kill me after we sever the artifact’s hold.

But as the ancient power flows through my veins, a darkness grows. And the only person who can pull me from the brink of destruction is the one who wants me dead.

Trust him, and I may die.

Don’t, and the world will suffer.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban