Satan, Aliens, Go!

by Antonis Tsagaris

Uh-oh. The aliens are here…

..and they won’t leave until they’ve captured every single human on the planet.

Meanwhile, in a dark room in LA, exiled from Hell for saving a boy’s life, Satan is rewatching his favorite show when he hears someone banging on his door to bring him news of the invasion.

Together, they set off on an epic journey that will take them through Hell and back. Literally.

Will our heroes be able to stop the aliens from assimilating the human race? And what will they have to sacrifice if they hope to succeed?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Occam’s Odyssey

by Antonis Tsagaris

A father steps into Hell to reclaim his dead son…

…but what he finds there is weirder than he ever expected.

Overrun with clones of notorious Earth villains, Hell is no longer the hip, happening place it used to be.

To have the slightest chance of succeeding against Genghis Khan’s self-replicating hordes and the Army Of A Million Mussolinis, Occam must turn to friends old and new in a last-ditch attempt to save Hell, Earth and the life of his son.

The second book in the Quantum Heart Trilogy will keep you on the edge of your seat and then make you slip and fall with a well-timed chuckle.

Previously $2.99