Sand and Smoke

by Carl Cota-Robles

Al Hardin is a nomad with a secret.

He has a second identity, and a second personality to boot. He calls that other side of him the Silver Bandana. He lives to save others from the gangs of cowboys who wouldn’t think twice before shooting an innocent person.

When a powerful weapon is constructed in the desert, he takes it upon himself to be a force for good, joining with an unexpected team to stop it.

A hero made by the death of his mother. A bounty hunter with a sharpshooter kid. A retired legend who feels like a failure. A privileged young man who turns on his father. And a stubborn girl, fighting for a dragon at dragon rider school, to make her legacy a reality. If they don’t stop the weapon, it’ll annihilate the riders and their kingdom.

Get started on your next epic fantasy adventure, told from multiple points of view under dragon filled skies!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic