Rubble and Ruin: Welcome to the End

by Jarrett Rush

The beginning of the end started late in the evening, the night lit bright with fire. Rocks and boulders raining from the sky. Then came the explosions, several of them in quick succession. Buildings crushed. People dead. Most of Dallas—and the rest of the world—burning or collapsing or both. Panic followed. Screaming and crying and scrambling to grab what you could then going to where you could find safety.

Once everything settled, things were different. Depressing. Debilitating. But you were alive. No one was under the illusion that we’d have what we had before, but after a few days there was a kernel of hope. Life didn’t feel normal, but it started to feel livable. Like we’d find our way out of this. I think we all felt it.

Then the wailers came.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian