Rogues of the Black Fury

by Travis Heermann

A dirty mission needs the dirtiest bunch…

The Black Furies are the most infamous mercenary company in the world. And the most reviled. Until they’re needed, that is.

Javin is the scion of House Wollstone, the most powerful of the noble houses. When his little sister is abducted by shadowy assassins, the political fallout threatens to re-ignite a war between two powerful empires.

The Black Furies are the only ones with the hope of bringing Bella Wollstone back alive, but Commander Rusk has many more enemies than friends among the noble houses, where there are those willing to sacrifice a teenage girl if it means they can re-ignite a profitable war with their ancestral enemy. And Rusk doesn’t want to be saddled with some noble nancy like Javin on a pointless quest.

Can Javin follow the Black Furies into the heart of darkness?

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Category: Dark Fantasy