Rogue Starship

by David Alastair Hayden

Fast Starships, Lovable Rogues, Snarky AIs, and Alien Menaces

When renowned archeologist Gav Gendin discovers the wreck of an Ancient starship, with a stasis pod and a still living member of the extinct aliens inside, it should be the greatest triumph of his career. Instead, it ends in disaster and leads to his son, Siv, being placed in cryogenic sleep.

A century later, Siv Gendin wakes to a world in decline, a world where you do what you must to survive. With the help of a snarky, sentient AI companion named Silky, Siv becomes a top procurement specialist.

Enslaved to the Shadowslip Guild, Siv has little hope of ever being his own man. Until they offer him freedom in exchange for completing a practically suicidal mission. His target: a young girl with uncanny abilities.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera