Rogue Justice

by TW Gallier

Life is tough on Earth’s huge Lagrange 5 penal colony. Harley O’Conner is a cop. Her beat is Delta Sector, Lower Philly. She’s dedicated her life to cleaning it up, and she’s doing a fine job of it, too. The department’s top brass might not like her methods, but she gets the job done.

Then it all goes wrong. Her partner is killed. Murdered. Slaughtered.

The political types and police brass want to brush it under the rug. But Harley’s not a turn the other cheek kind of girl. Sergeant Harley O’Connor is going to get true justice, and no one’s going to stop her.

With her new partner, Jean-Rene Ruisseau, she takes the fight to the bad guys. Mobsters, hit men, street gangs, not even crooked politicians can stop this rogue cop from getting her justice. Harley’s about to teach them that vengeance is as cold as hard vacuum.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure