by Robyn Wideman

Rogue is a cantankerous warrior, a bandit, and a brawler. He only wants to be left alone and occasionally rob the king who once betrayed him.

But when assassins try to kill a young woman, Rogue gets involved. Now he is involved in a dangerous plot, and to protect the girl he must save a kingdom, a kingdom he once almost destroyed.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Rise of the Shadows

by Robyn Wideman

A warrior returns home.

Mendris returns to his homeland in search of the man behind the plot against him and Princess Grant only to find that is part of a bigger conspiracy.

Dragons have returned and their followers are conspiring to enslave all humans. To stop this Mendris must reunite with his family and form a new Shadow Brigade, but it might not be enough to stop a king willing to go to any lengths to control the continent.

Previously $4.99