by Jennifer Rose McMahon

Maeve O’Malley is done peering over her shoulder every minute for her elusive stalker. It’s time for the skittish quarry to take a stand and start a new hunt.

Haunted by visions of Ireland’s notorious pirate queen, eighteen-year-old Maeve must sacrifice everything to choose the life she was meant to live. Her strange and terrifying visions transport her to ancient Ireland, connecting her to an ancestral past she never knew existed.

Warrior chieftains and British rule threaten to decimate her clan as Maeve fights to find the courage to join forces with the pirate queen in a resistance against the crown. But will the heart-wrenching distraction of a forbidden interest, a copper-haired medieval boy whose allegiance is unclear, derail her?

In the quest of a lifetime, or centuries of lifetimes, Maeve must change her course to preserve her family history and save her clan from obliteration.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban