Rocket Repo

by C.P. James

Years ago, ace pilot Geddy Starheart inhaled an alien spore named Eli who’s been living rent-free in his head ever since. When an industrial accident forces the evacuation of Earth 2, they stay behind to build a ship capable of finally getting Eli home. But on the eve of their departure, it disappears.

As a henchman for the galaxy’s most notorious arms dealer, Geddy’s never needed anything or anyone but a couple fingers of Old Earth whisky and a fast starship. Now he only has Eli, a hologram hottie, and a long list of regrets.

All that changes when he’s picked up by a salvage trawler with an empty hold—and an empty captain’s chair. With the help of a sexy first officer and a plucky pilot, Geddy and the can-do crew must find his missing ship and stop a conspiracy to destroy all intelligent life in the universe, which technically includes them. Better get their ship together.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure