Rock This Wolf

by Gaja J. Kos


Seeing more of the hotter-than-sin vampire singer I’ve been crushing on for years should be an automatic hell yes! Aric is pure f’ing fire, and watching him on stage lights me up in ways nothing—and no one—else can.

I’d be a fool to not want to experience more of that.

Except the opportunity that comes crashing into my life isn’t a concert.

It’s a murder investigation.

One I can’t say no to.

With my boss dead set on me being the one to look into the draining of a fellow Whiskey Jet Preachers fan, I’ll have to engage with Aric well beyond the safety net of a crowded afterparty.

And, honestly, I have no idea how to handle that.

Especially since I can’t seem to be able to ditch the feeling that the alluring darkness behind Aric’s fanged smile might be lethal for more than just my werewolf heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban