by Jan Mau Hill

People say there are no mistakes, only gifts and opportunities. Clearly these people never met me.

I’m Samara Yancy, “Sam” to my friends. For seventeen years I’ve lived on The Rock. A city-state in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by mountains and evergreen trees. The land is lush, the air clean, and dampening fields keep the locals safe from Magic and the Mages who wield it.

Not long ago, I was at the top of my class at the Guardian Academy. After one teeny tiny misstep got me booted from out of there, I hoped a well-paying job on the Mainland would set me up for success.

But I didn’t realize that my new job would cause the authorities to label me a potential terrorist. Now, I’m up to my neck in eccentric Mages, including one who views me as his nemesis.

I’ll just clear my name, keep my friends and family safe while avoiding the Mage who wants me dead. Piece of Cake.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban