River of Night

by N Kuttner

Teenage angst meets dark fantasy in this fast-paced urban fantasy debut.

Ivan is afraid he’s going mad. Because the alternative is worse.

Ivan has just learned the truth: his sleepy hometown is home to a Viking death cult, intent on raising a terrifying power. By saving his friend’s life, he’s just made himself number one on their target list.

To win this fight, Ivan will have to do what he fears most: reach deep into the darkness inside. Because in this story…the monster in the dark might be his only hope of survival.

Dive deep into the world of River of Night: where hidden monsters dwell in the shadows, friend and foe look the same by day, and danger lies in wait for the unwary.

The opening book in an urban fantasy series perfect for fans of Holly Black and Stranger Things.

“I’m still reading this instead of sleeping. It’s almost 3am, so it certainly has caught my attention.”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban