Rise, the Quantamancer

by A.R. McNevin

In October 2003, science stopped. Technology fell away and magick was birthed once more into our world. The Long Island hippogriff flew once more; the Connecticut dwarves returned to mine the depths; and the great New York werewolf emerged to once again to prowl from the Battery to Washington Heights.
As the wizards politicked, the fey schemed, as a new world was being built out of the ashes of the old, it was not too long before the old enemies, old dangers and old threats revealed themselves.
Join an old wizard, a young witch & an astrophysicist as they each experience the fall of one world and the rise of another in very own particular, distinctive ways.
Through these different perspectives. Rise, the Quantamancy kicks off the Quantamancy Saga with aplomb!

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History