Rise of the Phoenix

by T. Isajanyan

We are all pawns in the games the gods play…

When a prophecy brings a priestess to his humble home, Arme must abandon his tranquil existence to become the nation’s only hope, a celestial warrior tasked with protecting an unborn child carrying an even heavier burden than he.

Whispers of invaders threaten the safety of all, testing the bonds of love and the limits of honor, bringing forth the long-forgotten might of the heavens back into the world of mortals. As the flames incinerate all in their path, divided nations and broken families must band together to save the innocent and rise from the ashes of war.

The first in the “A Tale of Hayara” trilogy, this historical fantasy fiction transports readers into a reimagined Bronze Age Armenia, immersing one in the true traditions, legends, and myths of the region, morphed and combined to create an unexpected piece of literature.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History