Birth Of The Phoenix

by Jessica Wayne

An all consuming love. Ripped apart by magic. Reunited in war.

The only constant in Anastasia’s life has been Dakota Parker. The boy next door who has grown into the man she can’t live without. But when a sorcerer rips her away from him and throws her through a portal, Anastasia finds herself stranded in another world.

Here, she’s forced to face some shocking truths. One, magic is┬ávery┬áreal. Two, a dark sorcerer has been hunting her since the moment she was born. And three? She’s just been dropped into the epicenter of a centuries long war they are counting on her to fight.

Anastasia knows that if she ever wants to see Dakota again, she’ll need to face the demons of her past in order to become what the people need most… the prophesied phoenix sent to liberate them. But how can she do that when the only person who’s ever believed in her, is a world away?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College