Rise of Order

by Julian North

In a future America being torn apart by factions and militias, five high-school classmates are flying home aboard a private aircraft when something goes wrong. Instead of returning to the elite enclave of Buckhead, the aircraft lands in heart of divided, violent Atlanta—and that is exactly what one of them wants. The sins of the past have come due, and a new power is rising from chaos enveloping the country. Come witness the Rise of Order.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Age of Order

by Julian North

Daniela Machado can run. She’s the track star of destitute Bronx City and an ace student, but that isn’t enough to get a nope like her out of the barrio. In her world, all people are not created equal.

Hailed by Kirkus Reviews as the novel to revitalize the dystopian genre, Age of Order has the atmosphere of Blade Runner, the intrigue of Orphan Black and the emotional struggle of Slum Dog Millionaire. Indulge your imagination now. A Kirkus Starred Novel and winner of the 2017 Kindle Book Review Award for Best Sci-Fi Novel. Indulge your imagination.

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