Rika Activated (Aeon 14: Rika’s Marauders Books 1-3)

by M. D. Cooper

Three-novel bundle!

Rika is mech-meat, a cyborg killing machine, created by the Genevian military and cast aside when the war was lost. Embark on an epic journey with Rika as she goes from a young woman lost and alone, to the leader of an elite special forces team, ultimately becoming the commander of a company of mechanized warriors.

This volume contains the first three novels of the Rika’s Marauders series:

– Rika Outcast
– Rika Redeemed
– Rika Triumphant

Set in the Aeon 14 universe, this story is an excellent place to join the journey, or a fantastic way to get your next Aeon 14 fix.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military