Return Protocol (Weapons of Choice Book 2)

by Nick Snape

If you were eighteen hundred light years from Earth, how far would you go for that one chance to get home?
Struggling with guilt and battling inner demons, ex-War Hero Finn leads the remaining squad as they encounter the fallen Haven race on a trap-ridden Space Station, and the aliens’ deadly planet. Finn relies heavily on Zuri, and Smith, his deceased Corporal now AI, as they fight their way past the aliens desperate for the return of their old, but powerful technology.
In the midst of battle, revelations arise about the Haven’s plans for humanity and the devastating way they fell from their technological pinnacle. Pitted against huge odds, the squad use their newly acquired alien tech to survive on the hostile, high gravity world, where everything wants to eat you or kill you, not caring which comes first.

‘Fast-paced, engaging, and unique,’ 5 Stars – Good Reads

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion