by Brandy Kisamore

I’m certain, sooner or later, everyone wishes for capacities that are resolved to be superhuman. So individuals searched for quite a long time, attempting to figure out how to make that conceivable. However, nobody has succeeded, as they regularly face devastating disasters. Thus, I understood the best spot to begin looking at currently would be outside that box. I read for a long time, each newspaper, tabloid or magazine story I found to be abnormal.

I talked with everybody from Nashville, Tennessee, to Brunswick, Maine. Be that as it may, not one of them could demonstrate their capacities (under controlled research center conditions) were anything more than a fantasy or unrealistic daydream. So, I had reached wit’s end, after working each day with wackos, weirdos, and the unadulterated insane. Until an unprompted visit to one of Berkeley’s old teachers gave me some comfort.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure