Replika: Sky’s Mission

by Hugo Bernard

Reality is an illusion worth fighting for…

Earth’s ecological collapse is avoided when most of the world population agrees to permanently upload into a simulated reality called Replika. But the stability of this world is threatened when a group of neuroscientists hack their brains to interact with the simulations in unforeseen and dangerous ways.

Sky devotes her life to rebuilding the real world left in the shadows of Replika. But when she learns her brother, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, is in danger, she must choose which world needs her most. All she wants is to find the brother she loves, but she will unwittingly get entangled in a ploy to redefine reality.

HUGO BERNARD masterfully weaves an intricate and fast-paced cyber thriller while also raising profound existential questions about the role of simulated reality in our future.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction