Renegade Demon

by Louis Park

Demons have never tasted so good.

I’m Dick, and my London life revolves around working minimum-wage jobs and getting fired because I keep punching people to solve my problems. My broke self lives in a coffin-sized flat, and I treat a tin of baked beans like a gourmet meal. There isn’t much going for me, but by chance, I encounter a mad wizard who wants to teach me magic. I thought my life was finally on the up… nope, the freak tries to kill me. He would have done it if not for a brutal beast who escaped from a dimension called the Primal.

I should be happy about being saved, but the interdimensional horror has found a new home inside me and comes out, taking control of my body whenever he gets hungry. Not good when one of his favourite foods is demons.

Because of this bloodthirsty body-invader, I’ve got one mean chain-smoking spawn of hell and his infernal minions wanting to end

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero