Remnants of Ash

by CK Dawn

Mere mortal. Eek! Fae apocalypse? Yeah, that happened!

She’s an unstoppable human. He’s an immovable beast. But, the Fae have scorched the Earth thrusting it into unending darkness, and humans are next…

Through her research, University of Washington student Chloe Etain stumbled into an ancient war between the Light and Dark Fae that has culminated in her world being thrown into pre-industrial chaos. The scum of the Dark Fae now roam free, feeding on unknowing humans. Chloe knows the truth though and possibly how to stop it. But, as a mere mortal what can she do?

That’s when the fates stepped in. Bram Tice, a fae hunting his own, vowed to help Chloe. But, he won’t say what Court demands his allegiance. Together they set out to right the imbalance plaguing her world and save humanity before it’s turned into nothing more than remnants of ash.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban