Reluctant Hood

by Kendrai Meeks

Gerwalta Kline has turned her back on the world she knows, vowing never to become a righteous hood, never to hunt werewolves. But when her birthright refuses to give up on her, sending not only wolves, but vampires into her new life and the streets of Chicago, she’ll have to hood up, or shut up.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Relinquished Hood

by Kendrai Meeks

She didn’t want any more werewolves in her life, now she has to live with one?

Geri Kline wishes her list of concerns began and ended with “human things.” You know… How to dress for the first day of your new internship or which shoes go best with a silver dagger and a crossbow.

But when you’re an outed red hood working in a company run by vampires, human concerns are trivial. More important is finding out what your undead bosses are up to killing off werewolves. Only, there’s more than one secret concealed in the halls of the WWL Corporation, and what Geri discovers could turn the supernatural world on its head, and land her on her back.

Yes, Red Riding Hood’s summer is going to be anything but mundane, and adding werewolf Tobias Somfield doesn’t help. All the widower wolf does is brood, mope, and stir up Geri’s worst preternatural instincts. Tolerating him is darn near impossible, and the growing pull she feels toward him is completely insane.

Previously $3.99