by Marilyn Messik

“He and I could kill each other. Right there, right then, without moving a muscle. I knew that. Did he?”
It’s always tricky to know what’s normal if you’re not. But Stella’s upbringing is average enough, and her eccentric, protective, if not paranoid, family are not given to making a fuss.
Only when she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a situation, face to face with the stark reality of medical experimentation and its horrifying consequences, does she realise how sure she is of one thing. This hero stuff just isn’t her.
Isn’t it a fact, though, that just when you think you’ve got yourself back on track, events can overtake you? Bk 1 Strange Series.

“As if a John Wyndham character strayed into a McDermid novel!” Promoting Crime Fiction!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure