Regulation 19

by P.T. Hylton

Frank Hinkle thinks life will be safer in his hometown. Frank is very wrong.

A mind-bending suspense novel about a small town with a supernatural secret.

Things have changed in Rook Mountain, Tennessee, since Frank went away. His brother Jake has been missing for seven years, a fact no one bothered to share with Frank. His fun-loving buddy Will is now a somber man known for his violent enforcement of the town’s bizarre new laws. Frank’s sister-in-law Christine has a freezer chest containing a collection of illegal objects and a severed head.

As Frank will soon learn, the only thing worse than being in Rook Mountain is being outside of it.

Outside town is where the Unfeathered sing their terrible song and wait for night to fall.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel