by R.M. Olson

On the fringes of the Joias System, a portal opens to the unknown, portending humanity’s salvation—or possibly, its utter destruction.
Chief Justice Alba Espina is preparing a political gamble that could change the shape of the entire Joias system. The appearance of the portal shatters her carefully-laid plans and hands her political rival a weapon he could use destroy her—unless she can delay him with the promise of a diplomatic mission through the portal. But the stakes of the mission are higher than just her personal ambition. If her diplomatic mission doesn’t succeed, it might just spell the end of humanity itself.
No one knows what’s beyond the portal. And as Alba and a list of potential allies and enemies are drawn inexorably together in uncharted space, it’s an open question if anyone will live long enough to find out.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera