Red Harvest Moon

by Miles Hurt

Epic fantasy that hits like a crossbow bolt through your mind’s eye!

The tables for the harvest feast are set. And the ghuls of Urizan are coming, uninvited.

Led by the colossus Krond, the flesh-eating ghuls are ready to blaze and burn across the lands of Soren. The village of Puttle lies in their path, where they will bring fire and death.

The Black Feather is an outlaw, an outcast, a Wandering Knife. But he is the only hope the villagers have in this dark hour. Bandit turned protector, the Black Feather is hired by the villagers to take up his sword against the marauders.

Krond seeks the Black Feather. The ghuls are hungry. And the harvest moon will shine red.

“Hands down my favorite book of Q1. Easiest read of the year.” (Raul Reads, booktuber)

“Red Harvest Moon is a fantastic, exciting novel… elegant, personal and a joy to read.” (FanFiAddict)

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic