Recovery of a Colony Ship

by John Thornton

The Earth is a toxic and barren. Only a tiny remnant of humans live in Dome 17. However, now the Dome 17 is failing, the survivors are facing extinction. Unless they can recover one of the seven great generational colony ships which were launched, but then lost somewhere in space, one hundred years ago. Those colony ships had huge biomes with flora, fauna, and people. Using unproven technologies, two brave adventurers, Jamie and Michael, set off in search of one of those colony ships. If they find it, if it is still viable, and if their plan to get the survivors to the colony ship succeeds, humanity has a chance. If not, humanity ends. This is book one of the great Colony Ship Eschaton series. (10 books and complete) All ten books are available as one bundle, “The Colony Ship Eschaton” for only $6.99 (just $0.69 a book!). READ THEM ALL FREE ON KU!

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization