Reckless Cruel Heirs

by Olivia Wildenstein

When my father, the King of Neverra, forced my hand into the Cauldron to cement a political alliance with the Farrows, I thought my night couldn’t get any worse. But lo and behold, it did. On top of being engaged to Remo Farrow, the rudest fae in my kingdom, I now have to repay a bargain I struck to get out of trouble.

A bargain that sends me hurtling into a world of trouble.

A world I didn’t even know existed, unwelcoming and wicked, and forever changing; a world where my powers—all of them—fail me.

The worst part is, I don’t land in supernatural jail alone. Who should follow me through the damned portal but the bane of my existence . . . my new fiancé.

Here I was, worrying how I’d save my life, but suddenly, it’s my sanity I’m more concerned about.

The Maze Runner meets The Cruel Prince with a dash of Jumanji. Welcome back to Neverra.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College