Realm of Ash

by Thea Atkinson

After a brutal encounter with a black-magic witch, rebellious monster hunter Ava Ashe finds herself ambushed by the merciless fae mafia. When the enigmatic Second-in-command of the Shadow Court suggests she’s just the anonymous assassin they’ve been searching for to take out the powerful Iron King, she’s pretty sure it’s because he doesn’t care if she lives through it.

Faced with a devil’s bargain, she accepts, but being thrust into a world of magic and forced to achieve the impossible without understanding the rules will take all her wit and instinct to survive.

A task that grows much harder when, amidst the chaos, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to a darkly brooding fae who suggests there might be more than one way to get close to a king.

And she realizes it’s not just her head at riskā€¦

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban