Reaching Kylee

by Tamara Hart Heiner

She’s beautiful. She’s mysterious. And nobody knows what happened to her.

After his mother’s death, Price can’t wait to start over somewhere new, where no one knows him and no one expects anything from him. Even if it means cows and dirt roads and crazy neighbors.

When he learns about the neighbor girl’s disappearance, he finds himself drawn into the mystery. What happened to her? Is she missing–or dead?

But finding out the truth may cost Price more than he is willing to pay.

The girl next door is definitely not what he thought she’d be.

Reaching Kylee is the second novel in the Kellam High series. If you love romantic suspense novels with a paranormal edge or are a fan of Lauren Oliver’s novels, then you will love the Kellam High series by Tamara Hart Heiner. Once you start reading this riveting mystery, you won’t put it down. Download it now.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban