Reach For The Stars

by John Wegener

Ethan has a dream…

And with his development of the warp bubble drive he can reach for the stars. He’s done it! Except greed precipitates a race to Saturn to secure the fuel supply for the drive.

Ethan heads to Alpha Centauri and into history when he walks on the surface of a planet orbiting another star. However, what they discover poses more questions about the origins of humanity than they answer. A deadly virus means Ethan is running out of time to save the others.

A strange star map pointing to Tau Ceti. Why?

On a planet at Tau Ceti, Ethan find out we are not alone in the universe nor unique.

When Ethan’s wife is shot, Ethan must decide whether he is prepared to risk both their lives to save hers, with startling results…for them and humanity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure