Raven’s Influence

by Lynn Morrison

Footloose and 43, Cleo Harwell is looking forward to finding out what Atlanta can offer a single, empty nester.
Of course, that’s when her mama calls asking for help. Despite Cleo’s vow to stay away, she does what any dutiful daughter would: she packs her suitcase and heads back to Raven, the one-horse town where she grew up.
When a mysterious door appears in the middle of her mama’s hallway, Cleo suspects she’s losing her mind. But it turns out dementia doesn’t run in her family tree. Magical powers do.
The ancient Roman gods live in Raven, and Cleo’s the only thing standing between them and all hell breaking loose… To save the world, she must figure out how to lay claim to the Earth witch powers that are her legacy.
Some say at midlife, Cleo’s too old to take on mythical gods and magical powers. She’s looking forward to proving them wrong.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban