Raven’s Flight

by Marie Robinson

She’s an assassin. He wields magic. She resents him. He doesn’t remember her. Now the queen needs them both.

Six years ago, Kiera was left behind by Dorian. Now he’s back and he needs her help. He’s a Seider, someone who commands powerful magic and sworn his service to the queen, and she’s an elite assassin, as deadly as her wicked blades. She wants to hate him, but this job could buy her freedom at last.

Kiera must keep him alive while he retrieves the legendary obsidian blade. But trusting the wrong person had turned her into a killer—and she’d never make that mistake again. When long buried feelings return, the cost of Kiera’s freedom may prove higher than she could ever imagine.

As powerful forces close in on Kiera and Dorian, and the queen makes dangerous alliances, they all discover why some secrets should stay in the past.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College