Rampage Ridge (Fused Book 1)

by Stan C. Smith

Rampaging creatures. An apocalyptic conspiracy. A desperate struggle to survive. Bobby just wants to be a normal teenager, but the universe has other plans. He died two years ago in a tragic accident. Now his consciousness occupies a new body consisting entirely of alien nanoparticles. Unfortunately, the body didn’t come with an instruction manual. When you’re the most dangerous object in the world, learning how to do things by trial and error can be tricky. That’s why Ashley, Bobby’s off-and-on girlfriend, proposes a seemingly harmless training mission: investigate a rash of strange animal sightings. The mission starts out mildly interesting, but soon it turns serious, then downright deadly. Facing a cataclysmic threat, Bobby must fight to save his friends and, ultimately, all of humanity. Perfect for fans of Stranger Things and I Am Number Four.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure