Quest for the Conestoga

by John Thornton

Dome 17 is the only safe place left on a dead Earth. Life in Dome 17 takes a dramatic turn. The struggling remnant of humanity cannot remain safe in the dome much longer. Where to go and how to get there? Can the lost colony ship program provide a possible refuge? Seven vast colony ships were launched a century ago, but they were lost? Can one be found?
Cammarry and Jerome, a team of adventurers, are faced with going on a mission using unproven technology.
What will they find? Is a lost colony ship a place of refuge, or a ship of doom?
This is Book 1 in the 8 book Colony Ship Conestoga series. READ FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED. Or check out the professionally narrated AUDIO BOOKS!
Excellent sci-fi!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure